Let’s talk about perfume.

As we walk through the malls and big department stores, all of the perfume bottles look and smell so good. The magazines show us really good deceiving pictures of the perfume bottles. Perfume is being advertised to us on a daily basis. So much so that companies selling perfume spend around $800 million in advertising per year.

Women think that they need a perfume bottle for every day of the month. One for going out, one for work, one for date nights, one for church, one for sleeping, etc. We are being programmed by the society that we need and need more perfume.

In reality there are things that we don’t realize about perfume.

  1. They expire.

Have you ever realized that when you first buy the perfume bottle you get the most vibrant smell for a good month or so? Then the perfume smell dies out. Where does it go? Research shows, that perfume does expire, with a shelf life of 3 to 5 years. However, I tend to believe that it only smells really good for a good few months. I’ve noticed that on all of my perfume bottles. That being said, what happens if we have 10 bottles of big perfume bottles lying around? They don’t smell as strong, and they are probably really old. If you leave them in the sun or in the car, they will go bad faster.

  1. Bigger is not better.


Keeping one really big bottle of perfume does not mean it’s better than 5 little bottles. You’ve shopped around and decided to go with one big bottle of the perfume because it’s now you’re favorite one. By keeping the perfume bottle small gives you the opportunity to try out new ones more often when you run out. There will be another great perfume bottle just for your scent.


  1. Quality over quantity.

Don’t be a cheapskate when it comes to buying perfume. The perfume you wear is part of your identity. It gives you that confidence boost in the morning when you step outside of the house and ready to conquer the world. You are clean, fresh scented and people notice you by your scent. If you are in a professional environment, surrounded by people you want to be noticed by the “oh girl, what are you wearing, it smells nice!” and not by the person that people run from. Buying a very good quality perfume will get you remembered. Living a minimalist life doesn’t mean that you have to buy cheap items. In this case quality is always better than quantity. Get rid of all the funky dory cheap perfume and stick to one really good perfume. One that represents you all around.

So the goal is to go through your perfume collection and toss the ones that don’t give you that spark when you spray it. Keep one, small, fresh scent around and you will feel so much better after all that perfume clutter is gone. You will feel more alive and free from seeing that box of perfume. Free yourself and minimize your perfume collection. Be conscious.

Happy living!



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