About Me

A little about myself.

Hi! My name is Alina and I live in Sacramento with my husband. I’ve been decluttering our home, and transforming our lives to living a free and as minimalistic as we can.

In my journey I would like to capture my process and keep you all motivated to also transform your lives to live a minimalist life.

What is the life of minimalist to me?

The minimalist life to me does not mean white walls, white sheets, white everything, a wardrobe consisting of only two colors, owning only one pet, living under a rock, living without wifi, following a vegetarian/vegan/paleo/etc. diet, or living in a forest.

The minimalist life to me is to minimize everything I own in my life. This life is becoming natural to me, as I go through my house I’m constantly thinking of “do I really need this”? If not, I toss it or donate it. This way I am freeing myself from trash and clutter that’s lying around in the house without use. The benefits I gain from freeing myself are tremendous and I can’t wait to share my experiences.

Although I do love white walls, white sheets, and white everything but that’s only because it’s my style. If you live in a house with brown walls and yellow carpet that should not stop you from living a minimalist life. You can start anywhere, with anything you have. It does not cost anything, but will only benefit your life in a positive way. You will feel invigorating by having huge cost savings and most of all, you will have joy.

Join me on my journey to transform my life to a life of a minimalist.

Happy living!